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Changing a Watch Band


Changing a watch strap is a fairly easy and straight forward and can be done with minimal tools and technical skills. There are various types of straps commonly found on watches such as Nato straps, 2 piece straps, and Bracelets. In this tutorial we will show you how to properly change your strap. Spring Bar tool. A spring bar tool is used to remove the spring bar from the face of the watch. if you do not have a spring bar tool you can use a technical flat head screw driver, although it is not recommended as you may damage the face of the watch.


1.  When selecting your new strap make sure the width of your strap matches the width of your face. You can usually find this information on the back of your old strap.

2. Flip you watch over to the back side. Gently compress your strap to expose the spring bar. using your spring bar tool push the spring bar in to detach it from the watch face. Repeat this step on the other side of the watch. Make sure you store the spring bars in a safe place, its also recommended that you keep spare spring bars handy in case you loose one.


1. Once your old strap is removed, wipe the surface clean and prep the new strap by putting your spring bars into your new strap.

2.  Insert the short end of your strap so that it is facing the top of your watch dial. Gently squeeze your strap and using your spring bar tool compress the bar and slide it into the lugs on your watch face. Repeat this process for the other side.


1. Install the spring bars to your watch by compressing the bars and inserting them into the lugs of your watch face.

2. Once you have your spring bars installed insert the long part of your strap into the watch from the top front of of the face.

3. Slide the strap all the way through and loop it from the bottom back of the watch face.

4. Insert the long part of the strap into the loop on the other end of your strap.


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